Let’s prepare for not losing in divorce mediation

It is a story of two people who got divorce mediation from twisting of couples. It is one with the point which became the division of the fate of two people! Is it?

Before the divorce is established under disadvantageous conditions …

How about if divorce is established with conditions that are disadvantageous to you

either by the divorce mediation side or the side being done? What do you think if you can not convince consolation fee or child support payment every month?

It is ” how much preparatory work is done” to divide success or failure by mediation .
Let’s armed the theory firmly to protect your own life!

Pro div of divorce problem is so white! Prepare to be done! Is it

 The story of two people whose fate was divided by divorce mediation? 

I came across a husband’s cheating! I apologized if I did not do it again honestly, but I will divorce because I can not forgive you.A child who speaks like this (31 years old).A child and her husband in the fifth year of marriage.
Two of us have a child who is 1 year old.

It was 2 weeks ago when my husband B man (36) found out that he was cheating on his company’s subordinate with a mobile email.

Originally I do not see each other’s cell phones! A child and Mrs and Mrs who
had been making arrangements with him, I suddenly realized that the number of mails and phone calls to my husband B man increased.

Why do not you call?


A child decided what he suspected was that he began carrying around his mobile which had been on his desk until now .Discovering a mobile phone on the desk of Mr. B when cleaning it!

Actually, A child who tried to see the contents only once since starting doubt.
However, it was not possible to see after the password lock was applied.

I’m locked because I have a cell phone

Thinking and opening a cell phone, how much mail is coming !

If the heart rate gets faster, when you open the email terribly,


It is perfectly out.Yesterday, A child who heard that only a man will come at a drinking party with a company colleague.

The shock was big for A child who continued to believe her husband for a total of 10 years, 5 years of dating and 5 years of marriage, and B’s man was unacceptable.

I decided to get divorced though I kept myself for a moment to be a child and to make it a single parent ….

I saw an email.

Yesterday it was only drinking of a man that heard.Things I’m thinking about divorcing.Tell B man after coming home,

I want you to forgive me because I will break up with your opponent.I will never cheat again.I do not want to divorce aloneAnd I apologize.

A husband desperately apologizing, but A child who can not forgive as if he were denied his existence.If my husband does not approve of divorce , I began thinking about divorce mediation.This decision of A child divides the destiny of the two greatly.I absolutely want to divorce A child.B man who wants to try again.What will happen to the fate of the two people.


Thank you for reading to the last.

Like this story, spouses’ affair “and” affair “are seen as many causes of divorce.

In cases like this, there are many cases where the other party does not agree to divorce like B man.
Because of that time “divorce mediation” exists.

Not only do you know about the means of divorce mediation but what should you do when it does not work?
What other methods are there? It is becoming more important to acquire knowledge of comprehensive divorce such as.

First of all, preparation reads will be perfect by reading the story of A child and B man, deepening understanding, and knowing ” How to advance divorce mediation advantageously

I think that there may be a lot of mental stress accumulation, but please do not lose by all means try hard!