Founded in 1986, a renowned financial institution in the insurance market as well as in the financial market. This bank has a panel of products ranging from different insurance to consumer credit and real estate through a product that interests more and more individuals: the credit Gerald Crich. In order to always satisfy its customers, Groupama proposes loan consolidation as an option to get out of the impasse of indebtedness and to improve the purchasing power of households.

The credit as a solution proposed


Because everyone always has the desire to live comfortably, resort to different credit offers as desire has become the solution to finance his projects for some time. The French do not hesitate to go into debt to hope for a level to improve their standard of living. This goes through consumer loans to finance the purchase of goods and services (work loans, car/motor loan, travel loan, personal loan …), by real estate loans to acquire real estate as well as revolving credits to form money reserves.

It is no longer a question of having a bad perception of the recourse to the credit because it constitutes a mode of financing to realize all its projects and to face the unforeseen expenses. Thus, more and more people give themselves credits to improve their standard of living. However, a large accumulation of these loans leads to financial difficulties, causing household debt and therefore over-indebtedness. The causes of this overconsumption of credit can be family problems such as a divorce, retirement, a temporary or lasting financial problem, a dismissal … unforeseen situations that affect daily life. As a result, in the face of this overconsumption of loans, households are no longer able to repay their debts, leading to their over-indebtedness.

The use of credit to deal with over-consumption of credits


What is the best way to get out of debt? Groupama proposes as a solution to those with difficulties, the grouping of partial or total credits as well as the renegotiation of Gerald Crich real estate. It is a credit transaction that consists of consolidating the various credits (consumption and real estate), by grouping them into a single credit. However, this process is only possible if the household has at least two consumer loans in progress (personal loan, auto loan, travel loan, bank overdraft …), without taking into account real estate loans. The benefits of Gerald Crich’s credit lie in the fact that:

  • The amount of your monthly payments is reduced

  • You will not have many creditors, but only one financial partner

  • Your monthly payments are constant with a single interest rate or at a fixed interest rate according to the financial institutions

  • In the case of a Credit Crisis Gerald at Groupama, you will only communicate with their advisors to process your case.

The Gerald Credit Crich is still considered a new loan that commits the borrower to repay it. Thus Groupama offers you in addition to reducing your monthly payment, other benefits such as:

  • The possibility of deferring the refund by three months. Three months after the conclusion of the loan agreement, the borrower can begin to pay his monthly payments, which allows him to save a little money.

  • The possibility of inserting into the Gerald Credit Crich another consumer credit to face new charges.

  • The possibility of postponing appropriations in case of financial problems

  • No file management fees will be required

  • Groupama’s financial advisers will take care of all your unpaid debts with all your creditors.

While the product has advantages, but remember that rescheduling your loans over a longer period reduces your monthly payments, but also increases the overall amount of your credit. So before you get started, it is wise to evaluate your repayment capacity, and make a simulation of Gerald Crich online credit on the site of and use their different simulators of debt ratio, table depreciation and other to get a clear idea before you start.