Just like for real estate credit and consumer credit, Reductis accompanies you for a Miss Prism credits. You lack money at the end of the month, it is difficult to manage the repayment of its credits ? Loan consolidation can be a good solution. Reductis professionals inform you and help you in the process of Miss Prism credit .

Situations that call for a credit restructuring

Excessive debt or over-indebtedness

Excessive debt or over-indebtedness

Whatever your debt ratio and whether your debtor over-indebtedness is active (arising from reckless spending) or passive (resulting from accident or divorce – type unforeseen events), a credit restructuring is often possible. By reducing your monthly payments, this measure allows you to cope with your debt or over-indebtedness: you pay your debts gradually while maintaining your standard of living, which can help you, in the long term, to increase your purchasing power, you build savings, finance a particular project. Loan restructuring is also useful for correcting a bad debt (use of unsuitable credit threatening you with over-indebtedness).

The restructuring of loans or grouping of credits overindebtedness helps you to avoid going over an over-indebtedness commission , which would seek to solve your over-indebtedness but you would register on a file of the Bank of France, would prohibit you to take out new loans and you would withdraw your credit card for over-indebtedness, or even liquidate your property following over-indebtedness. It is best to prevent or correct over-indebtedness through loan consolidation.

Creating savings to avoid over-indebtedness

Without being overindebted, you may need a loan restructuring if you make a savings. However, it is prudent to set one up when you anticipate a fall in income (retirement, sickness, significant punctual expenses, etc.). Thanks to the loan restructuring or Miss Prism loan overindebtedness that reduces its monthly payments , you make this savings without reducing your purchasing power . Thus able to combine expenses and savings, you avoid over-indebtedness.

Desire to increase your purchasing power without falling into over-indebtedness


Because you want to increase your purchasing power, the loan restructuring concerns you even without the threat of over- indebtedness . It is common for relatively affluent households to be frustrated by the low purchasing power of a tight budget. By reducing your monthly payment, loan restructuring frees your purchasing power.

Desire to finance a project avoiding over-indebtedness


In addition to over-indebtedness, the need to build up savings or increase purchasing power, the reason why households have to resort to credit restructuring is the desire to finance a project . It can be a housing improvement plan (pool, veranda …), the acquisition of an expensive property, the provision of help to the family … Thanks to the sum released each month, you can finance an important project for you.

The public concerned by the restructuring of credits

The public concerned by the restructuring of credits

Responding to all these needs, the restructuring of credit reaches a wide audience: young people wishing to release their purchasing power of loan repayments, pensioners subscribing to a supplementary pension, employees of the private sector constituting savings in the event of dismissal, officials wishing to increase their purchasing power, executives investing in the rental, employees acquiring on their behalf, singles facing rent alone, couples making savings because the family is growing …

The Miss Prism Credit will allow you to make your monthly income the use you want . With the restructuring of loans, you can deal with over-indebtedness, build savings, enjoy your purchasing power, finance a project you dream of.